Summit1g speechless after hilarious Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order fail

Connor Bennett

Twitch star Jaryd ‘summit1g’ Lazar was left red in the face after falling to a hilarious death in the new Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order game. 

When it comes to variety streaming on Twitch, summit1g is right up there with some of the platform’s biggest names. The streamer, who has over four million followers on his channel, can be found playing pretty much anything from new releases like Star Wars to Counter-Strike, his first love.

While he regularly dominates games with ease, he still endures plenty of gaming moments in which he’d like to have his time back and try again.

That seemed to be the case during his November 17 stream when Lazar tried to jumpstart the next part of his Star Wars playthrough, only to fall, literally, flat on his face.

Summit1g is one of Twitch’s most popular variety streamers.

It all began when the popular streamer ran into the game’s giant Shyyo bird. As anyone who has played the latest Star Wars release will know, you’ll see some of the game’s most stunning scenery at this point. 

However, summit had other plans and they didn’t involve admiring the view. After rummaging around for some lightsaber loot, he made his way towards the awaiting bird and tried to hop on its back, calling out: “Let’s roll, bird man!” 

He let his eagerness to move forwards get the better of him, as the former CS:GO player watched his character fall right through the creature’s body and fly towards the ground. 

While his chat laughed at his misery, the streamer reset and tried again. The second time around, he didn’t make the same mistake, as he waited for the game to prompt him into hitching a ride.

Thankfully, though, even summit could see the funny side of things and he began chuckling to himself as the game’s cutscene started up.

The fail gave his loyal viewers yet another highlight clip to laugh at, but it didn’t deter Lazar from marching onwards with his playthrough of Star Wars.

It may serve as a warning, however, to perhaps be a little more patient as you never know what the game will want you to do. Surely now, his viewers won’t make the same mistake.