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Summit1g almost burns alive in Hunt: Showdown after classic CSGO fail

Published: 30/Aug/2021 23:03

by Dylan Horetski


Twitch streamer Jaryd ‘Summit1g’ Lazar may have put his competitive Counter-Strike days behind him, but he still doesn’t seem to have a good relationship with Molotovs following his infamous “worst play of the decade.”

Those who have been following Summit1g for a while may remember his time with professional esports teams A51 and Mythic, where he competed in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. The streamer has since retired from competition, but that hasn’t kept him from playing games.

In early 2020, the 1G leader earned the title of “Worst CSGO Play of the Decade,” referencing his firey loss to CLGaming in which he walked through his own Molotov, causing him to take 40 damage and lose the map,


To this day, Summit is still affected by what is referenced to as the ‘1G Curse,’ where he sets himself on fire in various games.

With over six million followers on Twitch, the creator has maintained his interest in games over the years with titles like Hunt: Showdown, Splitgate, Rust, and Grand Theft Auto RP on the NoPixel server.

The curse continues with a twist

In an August 29 stream on Twitch, Summit1g decided to play Hunt: Showdown. The point of the game is to kill a mythical monster, get the bounty, and reach an exfiltration point. The streamer seemed to be accomplishing that pretty well.


Jumping down from a set of stairs, Summit came into contact with an enemy monster – and the ‘1G curse’ showed its face again, haunting the streamer.

After taking a few shots while backing up from the enemy, he proceeds to take out a Molotov Cocktail. Backing up from the monster some more, he throws the cocktail towards the monster.

Unlike his infamous Counter-Strike clip in which he threw the cocktail and proceeded to walk through the fire, Summit threw the cocktail at this monster while being too close, and immediately set himself on fire.

“I just f***ed myself up.” said Summit, who was able to put the fire out and regain life in the game.


Whether or not this will be the last time Summit encounters the ‘1g curse’ is unknown, but he’s shown that he can at least get away from it once.