Students expelled from school over mom’s OnlyFans ad

Michael Gwilliam
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A pair of students have been expelled from their Christian school because their mother refused to remove a car decal advertising her OnlyFans content.

OnlyFans model Piper Fawn, also known by her official name of Michelle Cline, made headlines last week when she was banned from dropping off her kids at school – but now the punishment is more severe.

The 35-year-old OnlyFans creator had been dropping her children off at Liberty Christian Preparatory School in Florida where other parents began to complain about a decal on her car advertising her account.

Originally, Cline was defiant and refused to remove her advertisement, even going as far as telling media she was teaching her kids to “stand up for themselves.” Unfortunately, this has come back to haunt her and her children.

Children expelled from Christian school over mom’s OnlyFans

Following the story of Cline’s clash with the Christian school, administrators decided it was best to expel the entire family outright.

The school officials say the model violated policies written in their handbook about decals and had “mocked” the school when she was asked to remove it.

onlyfans mom banned from school
Michelle Cline isn’t backing down from advertising OnlyFans.

According to WFLA, in a letter addressed to Cline, the school said the OnlyFans model had “obtained an even larger vinyl lettering scheme that covered the entire back of her vehicle’s tailgate.”

Additionally, Cline is said to have disrupted school activities when she spoke with local media, so they decided to terminate her family’s enrollment.

It’s not all doom and gloom for the OnlyFans model and her family, however. Preaching forgiveness, the school says that they might even let Cline and her kids back, but only on the condition that she remove her OF decal.

This isn’t the first time a mom’s OnlyFans has caused trouble for schools in the state of Florida. Last year, a boy was suspended after his school caught wind of his mother’s extracurricular activities on the adult website.

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