Sanchovies unbanned on Twitch after making bomb threat on stream

Lawrence Scotti
sanchovies twitch

Twitch streamer ‘Sanchovies’ has been unbanned from the platform after serving a month-long suspension following a bomb threat he made on streamer towards his ISP provider.

On April 20, rising star streamer Sanchovies copped his first-ever ban on Twitch. Sanchovies has grown rapidly over the last few years for his League of Legends broadcasts, recently eclipsing 300k followers on the platform.

Being his first ban, many of his viewers assumed the suspension wouldn’t last much longer than a few days. However, the ban lasted much longer than anticipated.

Sanchovies unbanned on Twitch

Just six days after his initial ban, on April 26, Sanchovies was unbanned from Twitch. However, that same day, Sanchovies was banned yet again, leading him to express confusion about this sudden turnaround from the platform.

Now, exactly one month after the initial ban, he’s finally been unbanned from the streaming site.

The 24-year-old revealed what he said that got him in trouble at Twitch: “I’ve been dealing with internet problems for as long as I can remember, and in an outburst of frustration I said something really stupid towards the end of the stream, threatening to bomb my ISP’s headquarters.”

He continued: “What I said was super irresponsible as somebody with a considerably large audience. I apologize for that. It was an awful, awful joke to make and it’ll never happen again.”

It looks like Sanch’s apology went a long way as he’s now free to return to his growing Twitch channel.