Mr Beast’s $1 million winner explains how the money changed his life

MrBeast, YouTube

YouTube star Jimmy “Mr Beast” Donaldson wrapped-up his viral $1 million dollar challenge series with a gripping twist, changing the final winner’s life in a major way that left him emotionally shaken.

In a thrilling conclusion, contestant Mark ended up bagging the big money after his fellow contestants suffered knee spasms and accidental slip-ups that caused them to forfeit the challenge of being the last to keep their hands on the $1 million.

However, that wasn’t Mark’s last challenge — the winner was also tasked with spending the cash in a single, 24-hour period (nothing new to longtime fans of Mr Beast).

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While anyone would get a thrill out of a $1 million shopping spree, Mark made sure to show Mr Beast and crew exactly how much the cash would change his life, after the squad made a visit to his family home.

Mark gave the film crew a tour of his house, showing that he shared the small abode with a second family and that his cousin was currently sleeping on a popped air mattress.

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MrBeast, YouTubeThe winner of MrBeast’s $1 million challenge was able to score a much-needed new ride.

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That’s not all: Mark’s 2001 Toyota Camry even sported significant damage around the front left bumper — a condition that Mark claimed he’d bought the vehicle in for a $600 price tag.

“Can I just say that I’m super glad you won the million dollars?” Mr Beast asked. “I really am. The more you show us around, the more I’m like, thank god you won the million dollars.”

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Luckily for Mark, he was able to score both a new car and a brand-new home, which his realtor priced at $165k.

“You guys really don’t know, like, where I came from,” Mark admitted. “I’m so grateful for everything that the Mr Beast crew has done for me. A week ago, I only had $5 in my bank account. I didn’t have nothing. I couldn’t feed my wife, I couldn’t feed my sister. But now I’m able to provide for my family, so this is a really, really good experience for me.”

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MrBeast, YouTubeMark’s testimony about how the $1 million changed his life left Mr Beast and crew an emotional wreck for all the right reasons.

After setting aside $340k for taxes, it seems that Mark is set for the future — a future that Mr Beast and crew helped improve for a person in need.