Streamer shows off semen covered wall during Twitch broadcast

Meg Bethany Koepp

A Twitch streamer disgusted his viewers during his June 6 livestream after he showed off his bedroom on camera – along with his jizz-stained wall.

There’s been an unusual upsurge in strange things happening on Twitch this week, with many streamers broadcasting the most peculiar scenes – maybe it’s a full moon.

One person forgot to end their stream before having sex, leaving their viewers to deal with some rather NSFW content, and another brazenly talked about their butt issue in public without a care in the world.

Streamer ‘Bingo1’ shocked his audience after he openly displayed his sperm-encrusted wall for all to see while showing a curious viewer what his bedroom looks like.

Twitch: Bingo1The streamer had no issues pointing out his jizz marks.

The offending marks

“You can see over there… hang on, I’ll show you,” the streamer says as he moves the camera closer to the wall. “Can I show that?”

He then points to the foul white splotches. “That is cum stains,” he explains. “Can I show that? Is that against TOS [terms of service]? Can I show cum stains?”

It’s not entirely clear whether it was supposed to be a joke or not, but his serious tone of voice and sincere expression lead us to believe it’s real.

This is just a case of another day, another weird Twitch situation.

Speaking of bedrooms…

Another streamer had a bedroom horror story that broke the internet, after it emerged that he hadn’t cleaned his room in FOURTEEN years.

World of Warcraft fan ‘Jaegerrmeister’ had a trash mountain in the corner of his room, as well as several bags of urine, and a pot of mouldy mac and cheese that looked like literal feces.

The streamer enlisted help from his family and friends, broadcasting his epic cleanup across several consecutive days until his wooden floor was finally visible again.

Let’s just hope he can keep it that way from now on, and refrains from having another decade of trash buildup.

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