Korean Twitch streamer shares perfect reaction to being “IRL stream sniped”

HAchubby Twitch

Korean streamer ‘HAchubby‘ was in shock after being “stream sniped” for the first time during her June 5 IRL Twitch adventures leading to an amazing reaction.

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Streaming on Twitch can be a rollercoaster of emotions, as anyone can turn on their live feed and start to build their following. But it can be a surreal moment when someone from that following recognizes a streamer out in the world.

That’s exactly what happened to HAchubby when one person gave her a passing greeting while she was broadcasting through the Korean shops, and the streamer definitely couldn’t believe it was happening to her.

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HAchubby TwitchHAchubby has been slowly growing her stream, and now its starting to show in big ways.

Cosplaying as Karen Kujo from Kin-Iro Mosaic, HAchubby was on the prowl for an “ayaya bag” when one of her viewers walked by giving her a simple “Hi HAchubby.”

HAchubby was instantly stunned and wide-eyed in disbelief barely able to make out the word “what,” as she quickly went up to the man to confirm what had just happened.

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“What?! Do you know me,” HAchubby said with anxious excitement before the men confirmed they knew her because of her stream. “Why why why why why. Do you watch on Twitch? Oh my god, what is this?! Oh my god. Thank you so much, I am surprised!”

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The moment was followed by various moments of silent disbelief, followed by frantic excitement as she tried to recollect the chance encounter.

After (sort of) making peace with being recognized, the streamer had become slightly paranoid about everyone around her, jokingly wondering who else could be one of her viewers.

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It should also be noted that shortly after another viewer greeted her as he walked by, but she might have still been too hyped from the experience of the first time to notice.

HAchubby has been making her way up on Twitch

HAchubby has been getting more and more popular on the streaming platform as clips of her impersonating Doc and even giving her take on the hilarious “Raul” call have gone viral in their respects.

She even hosted popular streamer Giantwaffle at the end of her broadcast, and even he had some encouraging words on her behalf.

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“Did HAchubby just host me,” Giantwaffle said. “Did she just host me? She’s like my favorite streamer right now, are you kidding me? Literally one of the best streamers on Twitch.”

It looks like HAchubby better get used to being noticed in her IRL trips, because it might not be the last time a fan recognizes her on the streets.

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