Streamer in tears after hugely generous donator reveals they are terminally ill

Joe Craven

Popular Twitch streamer and YouTuber Jacob ‘Weest’ West was overcome with emotion while streaming on June 15, after a regular viewer of his stream revealed their terminal Leukemia diagnosis. 

Weest was streaming Minecraft to his 67,000 followers, when he announced to his stream that a regular viewer of his had donated “thousands of dollars” worth of equipment to his postbox.

“They sent me, to my PO box, a whole bunch of equipment,” he explained. “Thousands of dollars worth of equipment, dream equipment. I was like, this has to be a joke… I made a joke that they must be like an oil baron or some shit like that. But it looks like they have Leukemia.”

Twitch: WeestThe streamer was playing Minecraft when he became overwhelmed by the gesture.

Weest was clearly very emotional and grateful for the fan’s generous donations, as he went on to explain the situation further. “They know that it’s not looking good,” he said. “And that, I can only assume that they don’t want or have a need for the money.”

Clearly touched by the fan’s incredible gesture, he divulged that they plan to help as many people as they can, as well as giving large amounts to charity.

After explaining the situation to his audience, Weest became understandably tearful while playing Minecraft, as he built an in-game ‘shrine’ to the viewer. 

The viewer had taken it upon themselves to help one of their favorite content creators, a move which eventually led to Weest becoming choked up, and moving away from his streaming setup momentarily. 

Weest referred to the viewer as ‘Beam’, someone who is a regular viewer, who the streamer would “recognize” in his chat often.

Weest’s other viewers were also affected by the situation, appreciating the gesture and empathising with the streamer as he became visibly upset.

While the situation is incredibly difficult for Weest’s community, it goes to show the extent to which Twitch streamers and their fans are able to cultivate meaningful relationships, and created a poignant moment on stream.

The thoughts of everyone at Dexerto go out to the viewer and their family and friends at this difficult time.

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