Myth speechless after random Fortnite duo makes disgusting rape joke

Connor Bennett

Team SoloMid’s Fortnite Battle Royale made a rape joke during their game.

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Streamers who open themselves up to playing with fans or random partners that a game gives them are at the mercy of trolls who may try and do damage to their channel.

It has resulted in some heartwarming moments when fans get to express their gratitude to a streamer, while others turn utterly creepy. However, Myth ran into one player who started out with childish jokes before turning disturbingly sinister.

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YouTube/TSM Myth
Myth is one of the most recognisable faces when it comes to Fortnite on Twitch.

During his June 15 stream, the popular streamer had been dropping in and out of games of duos with random players. However, he was left in complete shock when one player – ‘MyWifeBoughtThis’ – made a rape joke that prompted Myth to instantly exit the game.

After the ‘joke’ was made by the random player, the TSM star immediately turned his attention away from his stream as he stared at one of his monitors in complete disbelief. Myth did not have a single reaction until a few moments later when he finally spoke about what had happened.

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After regaining his composure and laughing at the absurdness of what had been said, Myth stated: “Come on bro, we were fucking bonding dude – I can’t stay after that.”

The streamer immediately put his head in hands, offering a prolonged “Yooo” before laughing about what had happened moments earlier again. “What the fuck,” he added, with a hint of laughter, “I can’t stay after that bro.”

The ‘bonding’ that Myth had been referring to came in the form of seemingly innocent jokes from MyWifeBoughtThis as the newly formed duo waited in the pre-game lobby, Myth tried to get some answers from his new teammate but received the same answer over and over.

“MyWifeBoughtThis? What did she buy?” Myth asked off the bat. “This dick,” replied the random partner, before repeating the same answer to the barrage of questions from the TSM player. 

But things went from childish joking to Myth’s exit as soon as they jumped into a game and MyWifeBoughtThis turned up their trolling.

Will Twitch take action?

While some viewers were been concerned that Myth’s channel would be struck down by Twitch for a potential community guideline’s violation, the moment hasn’t prompted any disciplinary action against his channel.

Typically, Twitch will not hold streamers accountable for rude donations or comments from fans and random teammates in games, provided the streamer makes an effort to stamp it out quickly, like Myth did by leaving the match.

However, the exchange does highlight the dangers of playing with players that may attempt to use their new platform to cause some damage to a channel.