StreamElements Creator Diversity Program 2023 winners

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cdp winners 2023

StreamElements, one of the most popular services used by streamers to monetize their content, returned for a third year with the Creator Diversity Program. 16 recipients from underrepresented and marginalized backgrounds have now been confirmed, and will receive both funding and support.

The Creator Diversity Program (CDP) first started in 2020, with the aim of providing tools, guidance and funding to streamers from marginalized groups.

Now in its third year, a total of sixteen streamers have been selected, netting $3,000 to spend on improving their streams however they like, as well as workshops, a personal StreamElements manager, a Razer Stream Controller X, and more.

Among the winners are those representing various “underrepresented” groups in streaming, including People of Color (PoC), Women, the LGBTQIA+, and Individuals with disabilities.” Learn more about some of the winners here, and how you they plan to take advantage of program.

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StreamElements provides tools and services to help streamers monetize their live content.

The 16 recipients of the Creator Diversity Program 2023 are a mixture of Twitch partners and affiliates, who convinced the selection committee with their passion for content, inclusivity, and burgeoning streaming careers.

“Some need better equipment and graphics, while others lack guidance and opportunities that can be the stepping stone they are looking for,” said Taylor Shields, CDP co-director at StreamElements. “Our aim is to provide that extra boost given how much adversity there is in this industry.”

See below for the exciting opportunities just some of the winners plan to execute, and you a full list of the winners:



“As a Pakistani Muslim woman, I rarely see any representation of people like me in the gaming space, so I want to use this opportunity to show other gamers with a similar background that it’s possible to make a name for yourself in the industry. I’ve never seen a tournament or event centered around Pakistani or Arab people, but since Apex Legends is my favorite game I took it upon myself to host an Apex tournament in May 2023 named the Curry and Shawarma Tournament. I would like to use what I learn from this program to bring even more awareness and relatable experiences to Desi and Arab communities.”



“The reason why I applied for this program is because, growing up, I rarely got to see people who look like me in the creative world. It was rare to see AAPI individuals, and when there were, they were often some sort of stereotype. I could probably count the number of AAPI YouTubers I watched on my fingers. And pretty much none of them were bisexual or queer like me. As someone who lacked role models growing up, I understand the importance of representation and aim to be that person for others as part of this program.”



“As an Ecuadorian content creator we are almost unheard of. People focus on me being Latina first and will jump to conclusions as to what nationality I am. I want to prove that you could be from ANYWHERE and still succeed. You don’t need to fit a certain mold to make it. You just have to take that first step. As someone whose main source of income is creating content, having workshops to further educate myself in this field is extremely important to me. Also, receiving funds from the program means the channel will have a nice upgrade and I’ll have more games to entertain my community with. Ultimately, being a part of this program will make me stronger and more confident in who I am and why I do what I do.”



“After being recommended by one of my closest friends to apply, I decided to give it a shot. A majority of stream ideas I have collected over the years are usually halted due to budget restrictions and applying felt like an incredible way to potentially elevate the streams, for not only myself but the community too. Also, like anyone else, streaming is expensive — but as a femme streamer, there are so many extra expenses to make. Additional clothing, makeup and wigs are required to keep streams fresh and are a part of my stream budget, while attempting to upgrade my setup. I’m especially excited for it to motivate me to explore other elements of streaming that I’m yet to — such as music and art.”

TG aka terriblegaming123


“I applied for this opportunity because I feel BIPOC Creators miss out on a lot of opportunities and are overlooked when it comes to the streaming and gaming space. I want to show as a Black man that you can be successful without gimmicks and being toxic. Hopefully this program will shed light on the comedic value I can bring to this space and open doors for more creators like me who will come after.”



“Since I’ve been a streamer I have chosen to be a light in this space. I like to show those in my community that there is nothing they can’t accomplish. Especially Black women. I know that when people see me, they see a black woman first. They don’t see a creative woman, a strong woman, a woman willing to stand on the front lines in any situation, they see my skin color first.

“There are so many creators that reach out to me, especially since all of the hate raids that happened in 2021, they all want to know how I keep going despite the hate that gets thrown my way. I always tell them, there’s room here for everyone. We can all be great. Don’t let anyone make you feel inferior. Build a community, not just viewership! Be bigger than the negativity that you see and receive on these platforms. I applied to be a part of the StreamElements Creator Diversity Program because as a Black woman in the content creation space it hasn’t been easy to get my name out there and get sponsorships, and other deals, but one of my most successful sponsorships came from StreamElements, so I am excited to see what we do together in the future!”

What is the Creator Diversity Program on Twitch?

“The inspiration for the Creator Diversity Program was witnessing a lot of the challenges marginalized content creators face from access to mentors and support to opportunities and equipment,” said Taylor Shields, CDP co-director at StreamElements.

“Given our experience with all facets of streaming, from the technical side to helping creators engage with their communities through tools and sponsorships, we can help give them the extra boost they might need to move up to the next leg of their journey. At a time when we are seeing the economy impact DEI initiatives across all industries, we view it as an important offering now more than ever.”

Streamers who were not selected in the final 16 however, will still be invited to participate in a private Discord server, where they can network, collaborate and learn from each other in a safe environment. Also keep an eye on StreamElements social media, for various shoutouts to these creators too, where you might just find your new favorite channel.

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