SteveWillDoIt claims his YouTube channel was deleted despite having zero strikes

Lawrence Scotti

Social media star SteveWillDoIt has finally addressed his YouTube channel being permanently deleted saying his channel had no strikes prior to being removed from the platform.

On August 1, SteveWillDoIt’s YouTube page of over 4 million subscribers was permanently deleted.

The NELK Boys member and prominent prankster was stunned by the sudden deletion of his massively successful channel. On Instagram, he shared a screenshot of YouTube’s notice to him which read that they found “severe or repeated violations of our Community Guidelines.”

Now, two weeks later, the 23-year-old has shared more information about the ban.

stevewilldoit gets rare mclaren from 6ix9ine
SteveWillDoIt is a prominent member of the NELK Boys.

SteveWillDoIt claims YouTube channel had zero strikes before ban

Steve claimed on August 18 that he didn’t have any prior violations on his YouTube channel previous to his account’s permanent deletion.

He said, “My main channel got deleted when I have zero strikes.”

The Canadian-American then claimed his “main mission is helping people in need,” and now seemingly cannot carry out that mission with his account being taken down.

Steve retweeted his fan’s calls to get him unbanned, with one fan saying: “He is personally changing lives and giving hope to ones that have almost given up on life. He is a very big influencer in our community and very active.

Despite his claim that he had never had a strike on his account, and the countless fans asking to unban him, it’s unclear if he will ever return to the platform that brought him such a massive following.

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