Steve from Blue’s Clues is on TikTok and fans can’t get enough

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steve burns tiktok
Nickelodeon/TikTok/TikTok: @hioutthereitsmesteve

Steve Burns, the original host of the hit Nickelodeon kids’ show Blues Clues, has made his way over to TikTok – and fans cannot get enough of the actor’s videos. 

While TikTok has gained popularity for its various dance trends and viral sounds, the app has also served as a way for mainstream celebrities to interact with their fans. Joining the likes of Britney Spears and Ryan Reynolds is the original host of Blues Clues: Steve Burns.

Starting in 1995, Steve Burns instantly became a bit of a celebrity with the Nickelodeon show’s audience and their parents. However, in 2001, the actor decided it was time to go and passed the torch to Donovan Patton, who went by the name “Joe.”

Steve has joined the short-form video platform to interact with his (now much older) fans. So far, he has received almost a million followers with several million views on the two videos he’s posted.

steve burns
TikTok: @hioutthereitsmesteve
Steve Burns is on TikTok, with his username sporting his catchphrase “Hi out there its me, Steve.”

Steve Burns on TikTok

Less than a week after joining the platform with the username ‘hioutthereitsmesteve,’ Burns has gained almost a million followers.

The first video uploaded by the actor was fairly simple, as he introduced himself with his infamous catchphrase and simply explained that he didn’t know how to use TikTok, asking fans for help.

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Fans all over the world instantly took to the creator’s comments, excited that he arrived on the platform. Ecstatic viewers referenced the show’s theme song, and even couple of companies (like Taco Bell) joined in on the fun.

steveburns tiktok comments on first video
TikTok: @hioutthereitsmesteve
Even TacoBell has joined in on welcoming Steve to the platform.
Nickelodeon stevetok comment
TikTok: @hioutthereitsmesteve
Nickelodeon welcomed everyone to “SteveTok,” the actor’s own section of TikTok.

On September 7, A viral tweet from Nick Jr featured a video of Steve showing that he and his fans have all grown up since he went off to college. It looks like Steve is getting more social media savvy as a result, and we can’t wait to see what else he’s got in store.

With over two million likes on the tweet, it definitely caught the eyes of his fans – just like his new TikTok has.

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