Soulja Boy releases new song inspired by Netflix’s Squid Game show

Dylan Horetski. Last updated: Oct 14, 2021
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Rapper and Twitch streamer ‘Soulja Boy’ has hopped on the Squid Game hype train by rapping over the opening score for the Netflix show. 

The latest Netflix viral show Squid Game is based on childhood games that are used as challenges to give struggling participants a chance to win millions. The pilot episode offers an intense set-up for the rest of the series with a deadly game of red light/green light.

The show has inspired quite a few influencers and video games with MrBeast wanting to recreate the games for a video, and TikTok introducing an inspired loadout challenge on Warzone.

Korean composer Jung Jae-il’s melodic, string-filled score doesn’t offer much in terms of bass and percussion, but that doesn’t hold the ‘Crank dat’ rapper back from making use of the hard-hitting pulse of the song.

Souljaboy holds one milliion dollars
Soulja Boy showed off his cash on his Twitch stream.

New Soulja Boy Squid Game song

The rapper quickly made his Squid Game inspirations known, not only with the title of the single but the first line in the song referencing the first game in the series: “Red light, green light / You know that I came with my team, right?”

Lines like “Get to poppin’ s**t like a squid game,” and “red light, green light/something don’t seem right” showcase his ability to match the mood of the show’s brutal challenges.

Mixed reactions

Reactions on social media are mixed, as some fans are impressed with the rapper’s release, while others are calling it “trash” and “offbeat.”

Twitter user ‘ElloTanjiro’ wasn’t too impressed with the release, stating: “Bro give it up its trashhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh”

Other users of the social media platform disagree with Ello, showing love for the creator’s single: “DRACO! Another one!”

Love it or hate it, Soulja Boy is the first mainstream rapper to cross over with the viral show. We’ll have to wait to see if anyone else follows in his footsteps.