Sofia Vergara remakes viral dog TikTok trend and it’s adorable

Alan Bernal

Colombian-American actress Sofía Vergara recreated one of the most charming trends to grace TikTok’s viral video formats, and people are loving how well the Modern Family star put it all together.

Due to the global situation, it sounds like Vergara, 48, has been staying in place and mitigating her time out. You can tell because she showcased all of the outfits she couldn’t wear out in public in a similar fashion as Tika the Iggy, the viral Italian greyhound that’s been stealing hearts.

The tiny dog has been getting a lot of traction on TikTok for likewise caging her fashionista lifestyle during these times. A video of the pooch lamenting all of the things “(she) couldn’t wear” in 2020 exploded in popularity, garnering over 25 million views since December 29.

Not to be outdone, Vergara gave her rendition of the same format and it’s been sparking a ton of praise from Instagram’s community. In two days, it’s pulled in 2.7m views.


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Vergara gives the #LoveItCouldntWearIt trend a relatable vibe that makes viewers hate to love the video, since there’s quite a few people in the same boat.

“I need a series of these please,” Modern Family co-star Sarah Hyland said in response to the video. Celebrities like Terry Crews, Jessica Alba, and more also loved her take on the trend.

The actress has been a hot figure in the fashion world long before she entered the U.S. limelight for her role in the ABC sitcom.

Many saw the remake of Tika’s clip as a perfect pairing of meme format and personality, and thousands have liked and commented about the post.


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The canine has a few more videos about the woes of being shut in that Vergara could easily follow up with to hit a similar tune.

Tika has 560k followers on TikTok and about 348k on Instagram, and has been growing steadily since her viral video picked up speed.

Vergara’s 20.8 million followers on Instagram definitely enjoyed her post that mirrored Tika’s, and are waiting to see if the actress will come out with another version soon.

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