Twitch streamer Sodapoppin slams Reddit and Twitter for promoting “losers and incels”

Alan Bernal

Twitch streamer Chance ‘Sodapoppin’ Morris went on a huge rant on social media sites like Reddit and Twitter for popularizing comments regardless if they’re coming from “losers.”

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The variety streamer was referring to sites that use a voting system that moves the most voted comment to the top of the thread, but Soda thinks the system can encourage misguided opinions to be normalized.

Sodapoppin resisted going on a spiel as the streamer ripped into the sort of people that he believes tend to be featured on some of these social pages.

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Sodapoppin is known by his fans to share harsh critiques and uncensored opinions.

After his Twitch Chat had suggested Reddit as being a culprit for that kind of system, Soda clarified that the system and its problems were bigger than that.

“Any type of messaging system where like there’s a comment that gets voted to the top, is a terrible fucking system and literally just the worst,” Sodapoppin said. “… Even Twitter is like that, such a fucking terrible system. Cause usually the only people that take time to comment are actual losers, at least the majority, in most situations. ”

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Soda’s opinions on the social sites also hit on the dangers that they can have in regards to the spread of misinformation to people who can get easily swayed by the top comments.

“So you have a bunch of people reading these comments and they’re all a bunch of losers upvoting each other, ‘I agree with this incel statement because I’m also an incel. let me upvote it…’ Then you have normal people go and read it, and they’re like ‘Oh, so this is how normal people feel about this situation’ and then they’re influenced by what they don’t realize are losers,” Sodapoppin said.

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Sodapoppin isn’t too keen with how these popular social media sites can let the wrong kind of information be encouraged and easily circulated.