Sodapoppin falls off his chair after terrifying Escape the Ayuwok moment

Kamil Malinowski

Twitch star Chance ‘Sodapoppin’ Morris got absolutely terrified during a playthrough of horror game Escape the Ayuwoki.

Sodapoppin is one of the biggest variety streamers on Twitch, having gathered over 2.5 million followers and dominating the views on any almost any game he decides to stream.

Recently the American has been trying out horror games and found possibly the scariest one yet after a jump scare sent him flying out of his chair in fear.

Sodapoppin/YouTubeSodapoppin is one of the most popular Twitch streamers.

On November 6, Chance was streaming Escape the Ayuwoki, a horror game where the player has to escape from a mansion guarded by a monster. The game immediately put him on edge with its unsettling atmosphere until it finally built up to the ultimate jump scare.

Soda had recently returned to an area where he saw the monster and found it to be missing, he seemed confused and uttered “wait it’s gone” before turning around, and was instantly ambushed by the Ayuwoki, who jumped onto him and began screeching.

The American was completely terrified and screamed back at Ayuwoki in fear before jumping out of his seat, only to stop short and fall over backward along with his chair.

He slowly got up and sat back down in his seat, not saying anything about the moment, but continuing playing, clearly quite shaken up.

It wasn’t long before Sodapoppin was in trouble again, as the monster once again managed to find him and corner him, leaving the streamer gasping in fear and on the edge of a scream.

He ended up taking a quick break and recomposed himself, continuing with his horror adventure and no doubt getting frightened many more times along the way. 

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