Tyler1 roasts xQc for "stealing" his viewers and being "budget T1" - Dexerto

Tyler1 roasts xQc for “stealing” his viewers and being “budget T1”

Published: 6/Nov/2019 13:08 Updated: 6/Nov/2019 13:28

by Matt Porter


Tyler ‘League of Legends.

That means anyone who tunes into his stream is an avid LoL fan, but can often mean those who would like to watch him but don’t enjoy the game choose to go elsewhere, and Tyler1 believes that it’s why xQc has the huge following that he currently enjoys.

Twitch: Tyler1Tyler1 refuses to stream any game but League of Legends.

While reading a tweet from xQc about how much he enjoyed the visuals in Red Dead Redemption 2, which released on PC on November 5, Tyler1 decided he had seen enough from the former Overwatch pro, launching into a classic tirade.

“Oh shut up, you budget T1,” said the 24-year-old. “You wannabe, old T1 b*stard.”


“You stole all my viewers, xQc. People just watch you because I don’t stream variety xQc, there you go, I said it. You hear me? That’s the f**king truth. You’ll never play that game again, you’ll go back to reacting to videos. I hate you xQc.”

Of course, the roast is all in good jest, and Tyler1 could easily transition into variety streaming if he really wanted to, but prefers to stay with the game he loves rather than broadcast games he doesn’t care about or doesn’t enjoy for the sake of larger audiences.


The Canadian has yet to respond to the hilarious dig from his streaming rival, but you can expect xQc to have some thoughts of his own about Tyler1 once he gets his eyes on it.