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Smash pro Fatality loses all savings after “nightmare” robbery at gas station

Published: 4/Jul/2021 21:14

by Theo Salaun


Fatality, a popular Super Smash pro and Twitch streamer, was robbed at a gas station after a recent tournament. In a disturbing Twitter thread, the iconic Captain Falcon main revealed how much he lost in the “nightmare scenario.”

Griffin ‘Fatality’ Miller, one of the world’s best Super Smash competitors, has had to spend the last day and night dealing with police and banks. On July 4, he took to Twitter to explain that he was robbed after a tournament and lost everything.

Stopping by a gas station, Fatality revealed that he was robbed by two people, before elaborating on just how far they went. Not only did they steal his phone, they made him unlock it, accessed all of his passwords, took his debit card, and withdrew all of his money.


In the time since, Fatality has been dealing with the police, banks, and phone companies trying to fix some of the horrible situation. The incident is best explained by his Twitter thread, in which he tells his community what happened.

As Fatality explains, the robbery took place at night and in a gas station, with the robbers taking things in the moment but also the passwords needed to do even further damage. 

After the incident, he has filed a police report and is working with his financial institutions to “hopefully prevent them from damaging my life anymore.” While he is aiming to reverse some of the damage, the Smash pro contends that he is also “preparing for the worst.”


In response to the incident, the Smash community has immediately rallied in support of Fatality and tried to minimize the damage. Hungrybox responded to the initial tweet telling him that, should all else fail, he should start a GoFundMe that HBox and others would be happy to “signal boost.”

At this point, progress with the police and banks remains unclear, but we will update this piece when we know more. For now, fans and the Smash community are simply sending Fatality some love and hoping for some positive news.