Burglars injured crashing through game store ceiling to steal $25K in Pokemon cards

Michael Gwilliam
thieves injure themselves stealing pokemon cardsFacebook/ugagamestore

A couple of burglars were filmed injuring themselves by breaking into a game store through the ceiling in order to steal thousands in goods including $25,000 in Pokemon cards.

There have been tons of Pokemon card heists over the years with many game stores being targeted, but two thieves pulled off one of the wildest plots we’ve ever seen by going through the ceiling.

On October 16, UGA Games in Columbus was unexpectedly hit by burglars who dropped into the store from the upper portion of the building’s storage room. From there, they took at least $40,000 in merch including a PS5, rare games, an Xbox Series X along with $25,000 in Pokemon cards.

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Despite losing so much money in items, the store is taking solace in the fact the duo injured themselves during their plunge and mocked them on social media.

Thieves mocked after falling through ceiling to steal Pokemon cards

According to UGA Games owner Levi Crotinger, the duo likely broke into a vacant building adjacent to his in order to gain access to the store.

In security footage the store posted to Facebook, you can see one of the thieves hit his head on a display and lie in pain before his burglar buddy came and comforted him.

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“What part of this is funnier? 1: Criminal A smashes his face on an island display 2: Criminal A lies on the ground for a minute after smashing his face on an island display or 3: Criminal B consoles his hurting friend’s face and promptly forgets about him and keeps stealing?” the store mocked.

Speaking with NBC, Crotinger called the injury sustained to the thief “instant justice.”

“They didn’t win. It’s just stuff, but it’s the community support that matters a lot more. You may have taken something from me but overall, I’ve got your humiliation, like I’ve got you on camera smashing your face,” he said.

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game store theftFacebook/ugagamestore
At least $40,000 worth of merch was stolen.

An investigation has been opened with Columbus police, but so far, the duo have yet to be caught.

This isn’t the first time criminals have used an adjacent building in a big Pokemon card heist. Back in 2022, two thieves smashed through a shop wall to steal $150K in merchandise, but they ended up getting caught a year later.

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