Single father moves TikTok to tears by dressing as daughter’s mom on Mother’s Day

Tadeebu and his daughter CreamTikTok: joey_kp

A Thai dad received praise for dressing as a mom for his daughter’s Mother’s Day school function in a heartwarming TikTok video. 

Nothing breaks a single parent’s heart more than seeing their child saddened by not having their mom or dad on special days of the year.

So when Pratchaya Tadeebu of Thailand knew that his adoptive daughter’s school would have a function that invited the kids’ moms for a Mother’s Day function, he knew exactly what to do.

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In a now-viral video posted to TikTok by Tadeebu, he went to the event as a woman to protect his daughter Cream from feeling any negative sentiment from not having a mom in her life. The video has since caused viewers to burst into tears.

Tadeebu and Cream embrace each other during a Mother's Day event at her school.TikTok: joey_kp
Tadeebu and Cream embrace each other during a Mother’s Day event at her school.

Dad showed up to Cream’s school in a dress and wig to celebrate Mother’s Day 

Tadeebu became a single father when he adopted his daughter Cream, who is now 15. He is also a teacher at her school, so he’s seen kids be happy and sad about their home lives.

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Knowing that his daughter would have nobody to attend the August 12th Mother’s Day ceremony in school, as Thailand celebrates mothers later in the year, he took being her dad to another level.

Tadeebu dressed in a woman’s long dress and brunette wig to appear as a ‘mom’ to Cream while she and her classmates honored their mothers during a school function.

In the now-viral TikTok of Cream and her father dressed up, Cream bows down to Tadeebu before hugging him tightly in honor of his meaningful approach to Mother’s Day. 

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A local Thailand news outlet interviewed Tadeebu after the fact. “Even though I am a single father and her stepfather, I always tell Cream that she is my daughter, and I love her like my own biological child,” he said. “I will do my best as both father and mother in order to take care of my girl.”

Tadeebu explained dressing as a woman for Mother’s Day, saying that he felt “no embarrassment at all.” Tadeebu also said he and Cream “always have fun together,” so the decision was unanimous.

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Since posting the video to TikTok, many people have praised Tadeebu for his sentiment, saying, “What a great blessing for this relationship! You both deserve the best — best dad.” While another said, “I finally see there’s such a thing called a loving father.”

Others were quick to bless the father-daughter duo for their emotional approach to a single father on Mother’s Day, saying, “Bless you, teacher.” 

Some viewers were even moved to tears, saying, “So touching, makes me cry,” and, “Omg, this made me cry.”

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Though Mother’s Day occurs once a year, it’s safe to say Tadeebu’s way of honoring his daughter will be cherished forever.

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