Paris Hilton sparks safety concerns over her kids’ alarming car seat setup

Molly Byrne
Paris hilton installs car seats wrong

Paris Hilton uploaded and deleted a TikTok that went viral after fans noticed she installed her kids’ car seats incorrectly.

Reality TV mogul Paris Hilton sparked concern over a recently deleted TikTok where she installed car seats incorrectly inside her vehicle.

Her video was uploaded to TikTok on Monday and was soon reposted by Daily Mail where Paris can be seen zooming the camera closely at her two children — Phoenix,1, and London, 6 months. 

While her kids looked peaceful in their car seats, fans couldn’t help but notice how incorrectly she installed them. 

Instead of facing towards the back of the vehicle, Paris faced the car seats towards the front. In some cases, much like this one, directions on how to set them up are even written on the car seat itself, so viewers were not impressed.

“Oh my goodness. Rear-facing, rear-facing, it even says it on the sides of the seats,” alerted one viewer.

“What’s upsetting is that she has unlimited resources to ensure these are installed properly,” commented another.

“WHAT THE HECK! There are no excuses for child safety! Call your local FD [fire department] or PD [police department] they will gladly help set them up correctly!!! These are not correct,” exclaimed someone else.

One viewer even quipped about the reality star having no consequences due to her status, and that if any other mother posted a similar video, they’d be reported to child protective services.

While Paris hasn’t commented on the debacle, she did delete her initial TikTok of the scenario, as negative comments likely continued to flood the post.

Her viral car seat moment wasn’t the only viral Paris Hilton news on Monday, though, as she announced to Instagram that she and Nicole Richie will be joining each other in another reality TV series similar to their 2003 show The Simple Life.

“New era, same besties. Coming soon to peacock,” the mogul captioned a short video of herself and Nicole.

Though there isn’t much detail about their new show, fans were eager to share their support, as many stated that Paris and Nicole’s reality return will be “iconic.”

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