Single dad goes viral on TikTok with adorable amusement park date application

Dylan Horetski
TikToker ChrisC1978

A single dad on TikTok has gone viral after uploading a video where he’s attempting to find a “plus one” to accompany him and his family to an amusement park, and fans absolutely love it.

Over the years, TikTok has been the premier platform for users to upload short-form videos — with many of them being viral in the process.

With over a billion users monthly, occasionally you’ll find creators that use the app in an attempt to find another user to accompany them to an event or family outing.

TikToker Chrisc2978 is one of those creators, as he’s gone viral with an “adorable” video asking for a “plus one” to accompany him and his family to Kings Island amusement park.

TikTok dad goes viral with “adorable” amusement park application

Uploaded on August 29, TikToker Chrisc1978’s video has amassed over a million views with thousands of people taking to the comments.

Hello, I am currently looking for a plus one to accompany my 15-year-old daughter, her friend, and me to Kings Island on Saturday, September 10, 2022. I’m a single 44-year-old from Ohio and I’m looking for a single woman who is at least 34 years old who is non-smoking and enjoys roller coasters,” he explained.

“Don’t let the gray hairs and the beard fool you, I also have the dad-bod to go with it. This also comes with the fast lane plus pass so we can skip the rollercoaster lines all day long.”

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Viewers quickly took to the comments expressing how much they enjoy his video.

One user replied: “I hope you find someone as awesome as you! Seriously!”

While another commented: “Dude this took a lot of courage. I’m really cheering you on!”

Two days later, Chris uploaded another video sharing that he had chosen his date to the amusement park, but won’t be revealing who it is until they are at Kings Island.

He also noted one of the comments from his original video and revealed that he will be purchasing the commenter and her kid’s tickets to Kings Island as well.

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He also claims that he will be reaching out on social media in the future as well to sponsor other families’ vacations as long as he can afford to.

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