Sidemen FC win 2023 Sidemen Charity match vs YouTube All-Stars: Goals, highlights, more

The Sidemen Charity match returned again for 2023, with YouTubers and creators around the world taking part. After 2022’s huge success, this year’s match was even bigger.

The 2023 Sidemen Charity Match was held at the London Stadium on September 9, where over 60,000 seats were up for grabs.

With more eyes than ever, Sidemen FC has once again kept up their winning streak over the YouTube All-Stars. This year’s scoreline stood at 8-5. For those who missed out, here are all the highlights.

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2023 Sidemen charity match report & highlights

As always, the game kicked off and the goals quickly followed in rapid fashion. None only than the Irons fan himself Behzinga opened the scoreline 1-0 for Sidemen FC in the eighth minute. A blunder from YouTube Allstars’ JiDion allowed the lifelong West Ham supporter to score at the club’s home ground London Stadium in front of 60,000 fans.

However, the Sidemen FC’s lead was short-lived. Just minutes later, ChrisMD equalized the score, putting both teams level at 1-1. Bouncing back off a corner for the Sidemen, an incredible long ball from Filly put the Jersey-born YouTuber in a prime position to score. Dribbling past several defenders in the box, ChrisMD’s finish was no match for KSI between the goalposts.

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While the match started with two rapid goals, the scoreline quickly slowed down nevertheless. However, the game was still certainly entertaining, with moments such as IShowSpeed taking the crowd by storm as he tried to tackle MrBeast.

As half-time loomed, it was Miniminter who broke the scoreline deadlock. An over-the-top ball from fellow Sidemen star TBJZL landed in the feet of MM7, and with WillNE on the chase behind, he ultimately got the better of the defender and xQc in goal — putting the Sidemen FC in the lead 2-1.

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Once again, the lead didn’t last long. Quickly switching the game’s pace, the YouTube Allstars fired back, where just as before it was Filly leading the attack. Dribbling around several defenders in the box, the ball was passed to Chunkz, lining the Beta Squad member up for a shot on goal.

Taking his chance, the ball looked to be heading straight for the top-right corner, where KSI was ready on the goal line. However, the ball deflected off Wrotetoshaw’s shoulder and instead went to the opposite side of the goal. KSI was unable to make the save, putting pressure on both teams with score level at 2-2 going into half-time.

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Thankfully, the second half of the match was just as firey if not more than the first. Quickly opening up the scoreline again, Miniminter and Manny linked up to give Sidemen FC the lead.

With some fast back-and-forth passing up the field, Miniminter gave Manny a perfect chance to take the lead, which he fired into the goal.

In a matter of just seconds after scoring, Sidemen FC were through on goal again, where once more Minininter was at the head of the attack. Taking the chance of a lifetime and firing a shot from outside the box, xQc jumped to make the save. Unfortunately, Manny was awaiting the rebound, leaving the score at 4-2 for the Sidemen.

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With hope for the Allstars dwindling, spirits were back at a high as IShowSpeed was awarded a penalty. Two goals behind, it was a crucial chance for the YouTube side to get back in the game. However, the Ronaldo mega-fan was unable to replicate his idol. The penalty was stopped by the hands of ‘The Nightmare’ KSI.

However, all hope was not lost for the YouTube Allstars, as just minutes later Max Fosh scored on his debut with an incredible shot from outside the box. The Allstars still remain a goal behind.

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Following in the steps of his brother Manny, TBJZL extended the Sidemen FC’s lead. The goal was left practically open after a blunder from xQc and JiDion, giving Tobi an unmissable opportunity.

The action didn’t stop there. Again just minutes later, Manny proved his worth for the Sidemen FC, scoring his third goal of the day and securing his hat trick from an assist from his brother.

It wouldn’t be a Sidemen Charity match without the crowd cheering on Vikkstar to score. While the 28-year-old was unable to put the ball in the net himself, he still made an impact on the pitch assisting fellow Sidemen member Wrotetoshaw.

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After a pass from Vikkstar, Wrotetoshaw stunned the crowd with a beautiful finish from outside the box landing straight in the top-right corner, giving xQc absolutely no chance.

The score remained 7-4 for the Sidemen, but the YouTube Allstars still had some fight left in them. Being led through on goal with a pass by IShowSpeed, Niko Omilana gave the Allstars a glimmer of hope after putting one past KSI.

Finally, after a grueling game for the influencers on the field, Tareq from MrBeast’s crew put the final goal in the back of the net, putting the score at 8-5.

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Sidemen Charity Match 2023 full replay

The full game is available to watch back via the Sidemen’s YouTube channel, so if you want the full experience, be sure to check it out below.

At the end of it all, the Sidemen Charity Match 2023 raised over £2,425,855, which will be shared across five different charities.

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