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Shroud proves Longbow can also be a shotgun in Apex Legends with incredible play

Published: 20/Feb/2019 15:16 Updated: 20/Feb/2019 16:07

by David Purcell


Apex Legends fans have quickly worked out just how good Michael ‘shroud‘ Grzesiek’s aim can be, but little did they know that he could use the Longbow like a shotgun. 

The popular streamer, who has attracted astonishingly high audiences on Twitch since Apex Legends launched on February 4, blew his fans away again with another sensational play on the popular battle royale game. 

In the space of a few seconds, not only did shroud revive his teammate but he went on to destroy five other players to be once again crowned the champion of Kings Canyon. 

Shroud has been dominating with the Longbow DMR in Apex Legends.

It all started when he declared: “I’m literally going to fly in. I don’t give a fuck,” after rescuing a fellow player. After that, he went on the offensive and zoomed right into the middle of the action – knocking down the first player with his R-301 assault rifle. 


He quickly switched to the Longbow, which is actually a sniper rifle, dragged his sight over towards an enemy and picked up another elimination, before turning his way out of trouble and picking up another from point blank range. It was as if he had a shotgun in-hand. 

He never stopped there, though, already four kills to the good. He spotted a fifth enemy slightly further away – sniper range – but decided not to take the shot from distance, zoomed over towards the player and sealed the epic play with yet another shotgun-like kill. 

This type of play is made to look easy by players like shroud playing at the top level. However, the accuracy required to pull this off in such a routine manner, and from such short distances, is nothing short of incredible.