Shroud makes plea to Battalion 1944 players to keep game ‘alive’

L: Shroud/Twitch. R: Bulkhead Interactive

Popular Battalion 1944 players as he bids to ‘keep the game alive’ following its full release on May 23.

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The former CS:GO professional has been dabbling in Bulkhead Interactive’s title since it dropped on Steam – adding the newly updated shooter to his rotating cast of games.

However, the game isn’t completely new to shroud – as he played the early access version of the game back in 2018. The full release has taken his fancy, with the game replacing his usual battle royale titles on stream. However, the Candian harbors concerns about the game ‘dying’ if players don’t support it in the long-term.

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Shroud TwitchShroud has become one of the most popular streamers on Twitch thanks to his superb skills.

“That game is so fun,” said shroud, after finishing up an eight-hour long session during his May 27 stream. “I really hope it doesn’t die again. I really hope it actually goes somewhere bro.” After complimenting the game even further, the streamer had an almost teary plea – hoping to keep it alive.

He added: “Please, Please don’t die,” before snapping back into his usual, serious self. Despite the fake tears, some fans pointed out that shroud might be able to ‘save’ the game by himself – believing that as long as he’s playing and streaming, there will be interest.

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However, shroud quickly dismissed that belief, stating: “That’s not true – I don’t know why you’d believe that. That’s just not true, it’s really not.”

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Despite that, the streamer has been able to transition his god-like shooting skills into Battalion 1944, wrecking enemies with that same aimbot-like ability. He made the game look oh so simple when he picked up a double kill during his May 29 stream – including an incredible jumping headshot.

The game has proven to be a popular title on Twitch since becoming available on Steam and shroud isn’t the only big streamer to try their hand at it. Dr Disrespect, who also gave the game a go in its previous state, partied up with shroud for a few games.

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He was able to translate that trademark violence, speed, and momentum into another FPS title – taking down two players with a sneaky backstab play.

Team Solomid’s Ali ‘ Fortnite Battle Royale skills, but even he couldn’t resist picking up a sniper in Battalion and going to work on an opposing team.

Bulkhead Interactive has supported their full release with regular updates, including the recent 22676 patch – which addressed weapon balancing, the addition of challenges, and a new ‘rifle-only’ mode.  

Yet, despite cultivating a stable player base and impressing some of Twitch’s top names, it remains to be seen if the game kicks on and creates a strong footing for itself. However, if it doesn’t, shroud might break out the actual waterworks and properly tear up.

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