Shroud jokes he’ll ‘fire’ Mizkif from OTK after Twitch star dodges meetup

shroud-mizkif-fire-otkTwitch: Shroud / Mizkif

Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek poked fun at Mizkif after claiming the Twitch star has avoided hanging out with him multiple times, stating that he’d ‘fire’ him from OTK if he ever takes over.

Shroud and Mizkif have crossed paths online multiple times. They’ve even trolled each other about various things, including gaming skills, breakups, and more. However, they haven’t met in person — not yet anyway.

That’s not on shroud’s volition though, with the Twitch star spilling the  beans during his stream on December 31. He said they’ve had plenty of chances to hang out but claims Miz left him hanging every time.

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So, he’s come up with a hilarious master plan to get him back.

MizkifShroud and Mizkif haven’t met in person yet — despite the former’s attempts.

“You know, I haven’t even met Mizkif,” said Shroud. “Miz had like ten different moments to hang out, and instead, what did he do? I don’t know what he did, actually. But he did something else with other people. But not me.”

He joked around, saying that he’s “okay” with the fact that Miz doesn’t like him. Then he revealed how he intends to ‘punish’ him once he acquires OTK — which is a running joke that has been going on since November 2021.

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First, he said he’ll add a clause in Miz’s contract that will make it necessary for them to hang out together. But that didn’t seem severe enough. So, he added: “We can get rid of his contract. He can join OfflineTV or something.”

There’s no actual bad blood between the two streamers, and it was all a bit of fun.

Shroud does seem keen for the meetup to happen though. Fans would love to see it too. Some even tagged Mizkif in Twitch chat, hoping to get his attention.

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Miz was too busy with his own stream to notice. However, it’s only a matter of time before he sees the clip, and when he does, there’s a chance they might lock something in.

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