Shroud leaves Mizkif speechless after perfectly-executed breakup troll

mizkif shroudMizkif/Shroud

Twitch streamer Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek trolled fellow streamer Mizkif after offering to send his merch to him and his recent ex-girlfriend Maya Higa.

Shroud took a break from grinding New World, which he’s been addicted to since the game first launched, to spectate the Valorant Champion’s Tour match of 100 Thieves vs. Cloud9 on October 30.

During the match, he gave a shoutout to fellow star streamer Mizkif. Although, when the 26-year-old watched the clip of the message, it wasn’t exactly what he was hoping for.

Twitch: shroud
Shroud has been playing a ton of New World since the game was released in September.

Shroud trolls Mizkif

During the Valorant co-stream, shroud acknowledged Mizkif and said, “Mizkif, you want my new merch, man? I don’t know if you’re here. I got you.”

The streamer reacted to the clip of the shoutout on his stream, and was clearly excited to get some free shroud merch. But his elation was halted quickly after the Twitch star dropped another bit of info and said, “I’ll send it to you and Ma… I mean, I’ll send it to you. My bad.”

Shroud cut himself off before he could finish saying the name “Maya”, a fellow streamer who had a public breakup with Mizkif back in September 2021.

Mizkif visibly cringed, then laughed so hard he nearly rolled off his chair and shouted, “Oh my God!”

He had a good sense of humor about it and didn’t take the joke seriously. Either way, it was still a hilarious moment and nobody got hurt.