Shroud stuns fans with ridiculous new custom PC build

Twitch: shroud

Legendary Twitch streamer Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek has wowed his viewers with an incredible custom PC build, sharing the creation during a November 28 live stream. 

The debate over console versus PC gaming will probably never end. The next-gen Xbox Series X and Playstation 5 are another round of ammunition for console advocates, while PC gamers will probably never concede defeat, regardless of how advanced mainstream consoles become.

Despite the allure of next-gen consoles, the biggest names in the streaming world – shroud, Ninja and Dr DisRespect – remain primarily PC gamers.

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Given the potential for variety when it comes to building a top-tier PC, there is significant interest in watching a ex-professional gamer throwing one together. Shroud proved this once again on November 28, with thousands watching him unveil his latest custom PC.

Shroud talking about home evacuationTwitch: Shroud
Shroud returned to Twitch with a new look falling Mixer’s collapse.

A couple of hours into his Saturday night stream, shroud unboxed and showed off his new PC to his audience, wowing them with just how big, bulky and powerful it looked. So bulky, in fact, that ‘thicc’ began being spammed in his chat.

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“I dunno if you guys can even see, but this is what we’re working with,” he said, showing off the MAINGEAR desktop. The specifications provided by shroud’s mods were as follows: AMD 5950x, Maximus hero VI motherboard, as well as Nvidia’s new 3090 graphics cards.

When discussing how he expects the new build to perform, shroud explained that he’s not too concerned as he can always use it as a streaming PC, rather than a gaming one.

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“Honestly I’m not even worried if this AMD CPU doesn’t perform how I like,” he finished, “and I’m not happy with the results, I’m not even worried because I’ll just make it my streaming computer. Because AMDs encoding – that s**t is on another level.”

Shroud did not provide a definitive price range, but estimates from his viewers put the overall cost at between $5,000 and $10,000, as they couldn’t nail down some of the exact specs.

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Whether it proves itself to be worth the eye-watering price range remains to be seen, but you can guarantee shroud’s gameplay will impress whatever PC he finds himself using.

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