PUBG Haven: First look at all-new Season 10 map

PUBG Corporation

A brand new industrial style map has been revealed for PUBG, to be released alongside the game’s Season 10 update, and it’s called Haven.

PUBG Season 10 is set to release December 16 and fans of the battle royale will be excited to know an all-new landscape is included. It was first shown off in the new season’s trailer that fans could expect a new map but very few details were revealed.

A week away from Season 10’s release, the developers have finally revealed everything we need to know about the upcoming update. This includes a detailed breakdown of the new map Haven and the style of gameplay it encourages.

PUBG Corporation
Haven supports up to 32 players at a time in Duos or 1-Man Duos.

PUBG Season 10 map Haven revealed

A blog post from the PUBG Corporation has detailed exactly what players can expect from Haven and where the new map is set.

According to the post, Haven is set on an industrial island in the rust belt of America. The dense map is filled with narrow urban streets and offers an element of verticality with its numerous accessible rooftops. Factory buildings and cranes litter the map’s landscape and provide the player with an industrial wasteland to explore.

It’s worth noting that Haven is a Seasonal map and will only be available for the duration of Season 10. On top of this, the map’s smaller size means there will be a maximum of 32 players in each match. Haven is available to play on PUBG’s test server all the way up to the release of the new season.

PUBG Corporation
Haven is a seasonal map and will only be available for the duration of Season 10.

Haven is split up into six different districts that each offer the player a unique industrial area to explore:

  • Carbon Steelworks – A massive mill and steelworks complex that offers players a set of rooftops to explore.
  • Coal Yards – An industrial wasteland filled with accessible cranes and material piles.
  • Industrial Zone – A zone filled with factories, storage facilities, and chemical manufacturers.
  • Residential Zone – Filled with high-rise apartments and crowded urban streets.
  • Overpass – The overpass runs through the center of Haven and offers players a place to hide from enemies.
  • Docks – Located on the coast, the docks are filled with old barges and storage containers.
PUBG Corporation
PUBG Season 10 is set to release on December 16.

The community will be hoping the new season lives up to the hype, with the industrial and dense landscape offered by Haven.

Remember, though, it’s a limited-time map so you’re going to have to act fast if you want to try it out! At the end of Season 10, it will disappear.