Shroud explains why he can't stand one type of FPS game - Dexerto

Shroud explains why he can't stand one type of FPS game

Published: 12/Oct/2019 13:01

by Daniel Cleary


Popular Destiny, are not as enjoyable to him as playing other MMORPG games.

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Shroud has amassed a massive following of over 7 million followers on Twitch from streaming a variety of games on his channel, but his main focus remains first-person shooters.

However, when the former CS:GO pro was asked if he would try Destiny, as it was free for a limited time, shroud revealed his issue with this style of FPS titles.

bungieShroud is not a fan of boss fight mechanics in FPS titles, such as Destiny.
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Shroud explained that boss mechanics used in Destiny and similar games, mainly required for players to continually and repetitively shoot at the same thing in order to win the fight.


“I have tried Destiny and I’m not interested, I don’t find shooting one thing endlessly very appealing, the boss mechanics in games that are FPS MMO/RPG’s the mechanics are so stupid.”

Shroud then detailed some of the steps that a player would typically have to complete while attempting to get past a boss, demonstrating how repetitive it seemed for him.

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“It’s like over here put this thing in here, now this is exposed, shoot it. Now go over there put that thing in there, break one of those, kill a couple of mobs, now that thing is exposed,” he explained, going through the usual bossing steps, “It just feels terrible.”


Although he is not a fan of boss fights in first-person shooters, shroud admitted that he finds bosses in games like World of Warcraft, which are completed with similar steps, to be more enjoyable.

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“I just don’t like that style, it works when you’re playing an MMO. It works for some reason in that sense but in a shooter it’s just so weird, it just doesn’t feel good, ever.”

Shroud has spent a lot of time completing boss fights in recent months with the return of WoW Classic and has been willing to lose Twitch subs to enjoy the popular MMORPG.