TrainwrecksTV slams Twitch donator for sending "credible" death threats - Dexerto

TrainwrecksTV slams Twitch donator for sending “credible” death threats

Published: 12/Oct/2019 12:30 Updated: 12/Oct/2019 12:49

by Connor Bennett


Popular Twitch streamer TrainwrecksTV slammed a donator who sent him “credible” death threats through PayPal during a stream.

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TrainwrecksTV is a popular variety broadcaster who can usually be found in the Just Chatting section, playing classic World of Warcraft, or opening up CS:GO cases – even in the face of danger

Yet, it appears that not everyone on the livestreaming platform is a fan, as some trolls have taken it upon themselves to send over “credible” death threats in the form of donations – with the streamer responding to hand out some verbal takedowns. 

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Screengrab via TwitchTrainwrecks has over 378,000 followers on Twitch.

During his October 11 stream, Trainwrecks had been chatting with viewers and setting up to play some WoW Classic when he took aim at a viewer who was trying to start drama with their threatening donations. 


“Ok, so this is the same donation. You realize I see your name? Whoever is donating these death threats, I see your name,” he said after receiving back-to-back donations. “And, these are actually credible. I see your name on PayPal – you realize that, right? 

“Jesus Christ. I’m hoping this is a fake crazy just trying to start drama because if this is actually you and you have your name attached to your PayPal, you’re just a dumbass.”

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The ‘crazy’ that the streamer had been referring to was a member of his chat that has been a part of a group of trolls, that rile up viewers with racist slurs – with some having even sent death threats to Trainwrecks prior to Twitchcon. 


Train sounded off on them, too, by sending out warnings about how much personal information the group had available on the internet, including specific details about their job and their location. 

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It remains to be seen if the streamer deals with their continued threats in a serious manner by contacting the needed authorities, or if the trolls will carry on in their ways.

Twitch itself took such threats very seriously prior and during TwitchCon, even assigning bodyguards to some big-name streamers, including Pokimane – whose guard was called into action at the event.