Shane Dawson reveals new documentary series release date with haunting clue

David Purcell

Shane Dawson has shed some more light about his upcoming YouTube documentary series, as fans eagerly await his next big, mysterious, project.

The YouTuber has finally given his fans an idea of when his new content is expected to launch, as well as another cryptic message about the contents of the highly anticipated series. 

After a series of tweets were posted on his account, we understand that the new series is expected to land at the end of January and he has described its contents as “unexpected”. 

“It will be unexpected and I’m going to change my locks after” he tweeted, which suggests there could be an element of danger in whatever he has planned.

When a fan asked when they can expect to see the start of the new series, Dawson responded saying “Some of it will come before the end of the month.”

The popular YouTuber was one of the first people to rise to fame on the content sharing platform and has continued to enjoy a high profile on YouTube ever since – with over 17.7 million subscribers at the time of writing. 

Dawson has been teasing fans with clues on his Twitter account for quite some time, and posted a distorted photo of himself on January 10 along with the caption: “Don’t believe everything you s33”, leaving fans guessing about what he will be basing his docuseries about this time around. 

His previous works include coverage of controversial YouTuber personalities such as Jake Paul and Tana Mongeau. With the timeframe of its expected release now clear, will the next one be based on another internet celebrity?

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