School worker’s shocking TikTok of two men trying to collect same kid goes viral

School worker says two men tried to pick up the same girl as both thought they were the fatherTIKTOK: sheena_20200

A school office worker went viral on TikTok, after explaining how two men went to pick up the same child as both thought they were her father.

The TikToker shared a series of videos, claiming that two men came to pick up a 5-year-old girl from school, as they both had been told she was their daughter.

Apparently, the mother had told both men they were her father, but when a former friend sent both men to pick up the girl, her ruse was exposed as they clashed over custody and confusion.

Sheena Jackson, who works at the front office of an undisclosed school, explained that both alleged fathers were listed as the young girl’s emergency contact, and arrived at the school around the same time to pick her up.

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“They both look at each other and the dad was like ‘Why you checking my child out? Who are you?’ And he was like ”Who are you? What do you mean? I’m her dad,” she recalled in a viral TikTok clip.

Sheena then realized the men were about to fight and called to get the principal, who made her call the mother to come to the school. On the phone, the mom “started screaming and crying,” the TikToker said.

“Oh my God, he must’ve popped up… he doesn’t know about him yet,” the mother said, according to Sheena.

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When the mother arrived at the school, one of the men ran to the parking lot, where he started shouting at her about the other man, demanding an explanation from the woman. Then he allegedly hit her.

“He hit her. He hit the mama,” she recalled. “And [the mother] was like ‘This is why I never told you, but I was lying to both of y’all, I was telling both of y’all you was the daddy.'”

Paramedics and police eventually arrived on the scene, and one of the men was arrested, while the mother was taken by the EMS. A grandmother eventually had to come to take the child home, as “nobody could get the child at that point.”

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“All this time, this baby is 5, and this mama be telling both of these men that they were the daddy,” she said. “And they never knew, they never ran into each other. It was a mess y’all.”