Sakamata Chloe forced to take Hololive break as ghosts haunt her house

Andrew Amos
hololive vtuber sakamata chloe doing karaoke on stream

Hololive star Sakamata Chloe took a break from her streaming activities after a strange occurrence earlier in July when fans spotted a mysterious noise in the background. The “paranormal activity” has reportedly gotten so bad the VTuber is looking to move.

Ghosts and paranormal activity are often seen as just imaginary constructs, but if you wanted any firm evidence of their existence then Sakamata Chloe’s July 13 stream is as solid as it comes.

While she was streaming a voice popped up in the background in a hushed whisper. Since Chloe was talking at the time, it couldn’t be hers. But there was no one else in the house. 

The mysterious sound spooked the VTuber so much she had her manager come over to help out with some errands, and she ‘felt’ the ghosts around.

“We cleaned my house ⁠— it was extremely dirty ⁠— and we went to eat too,” Chloe updated fans, according to a translation. “Up to then everything was fine, but since we returned to the house weird things started happening. She might not be able to see or hear it, but she is able to ‘feel’ it too.”

The voices apparently only got worse after the stream, with the star saying she was “honestly getting sick and scared“.

So, on top of juggling her activities and commitments, the Hololive JP star is looking to move to a different house to expunge the ghosts: “I will be moving to a different place after this, looking for a place where I can stay. For the schedule, we will decide on it later on.”

Even Cover Corp CEO Motoaki ‘Yagoo’ Tanigo urged Chloe to move after the VTuber leaked a message from him saying “I can’t handle scary stuff like this.”

While it may seem like a rather surreal story, it’s not Chloe’s first run-in with mysterious voices and other weird activity on her stream ⁠— but this latest occurrence was the tipping point.

“Those that don’t believe in these things, they’ll be like ‘what is she scared about?’ It’s fine to be like that. I can’t say anything for certain and I can’t promise that it will all be fine on my next stream,” she said.

Sakamata Chloe hasn’t streamed since her July 16 update stream, and she hasn’t indicated when she will return.

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