Russian Twitch streamer Mira believes she was banned for being “born in the wrong country”

. 4 months ago
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Russian Twitch streamer Mira, who has been banned on the platform several times before, has claimed that her latest ban, which she believes is permanent, came because she was “born in the wrong country.”

In the early hours of March 4, Mira was banned on Twitch, with viewers speculating about what the possible reason could be.

While speculation ran rampant on social media that it may have been due to showing inappropriate content on her stream, an exact reason hasn’t been specified — and Mira claims Twitch has not provided a reason either.

However, on a YouTube stream after the ban, she believes it comes down to her nationality. Mira was born in Russia but resides in the United States, and with the current conflict occurring in Ukraine, believes Twitch is punishing her as a result.

“I didn’t do anything f**king wrong,” she said, clearly frustrated, in an impromptu YouTube stream several hours later that has now been made private on her channel. “Not on f**king Instagram, not on f**king Twitch, not on f**king Russia. I was born in the wrong country, I’m sorry.” She then slammed her desk in frustration.

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Twitch: Mira
Mira threw up an impromptu YouTube stream and let her disdain for Twitch be known.

Mira claimed that Twitch must have looked for a reason to ban her, whether it was accidentally showing nudity or under their new ‘misinformation’ rules. She claimed that there was no valid reason for her to be given a permanent ban based on her content.

She went on to call Twitch a “piece of sh*t streaming platform” and suggested that she might stop streaming permanently if she can’t get her channel back.

Though the VOD of the YouTube stream has now been made private, Mira did allude to something similar in a tweet just after her ban.

She posted saying that she had been “banned from Instagram, Twitch and isolated from the rest of the world for no good reason,” adding that “being born in Russia is truly a debuff.”

Twitch does not comment on individual bans to protect the privacy of users, instead only reaching out to the streamer directly.

Mira says her lawyer will be assessing the situation in an attempt to get her unbanned — so she might find out the truth behind her ban sooner rather than later.

Mira has previously been banned on Twitch for community guidelines violations, such as accidentally showing nudity on stream, in October 2021.

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