RiceGum hits back at Pokimane for bringing up assault joke he made “five years ago”

Pokimane RiceGumTwitch: Pokimane/Instagram: @RiceGum

YouTuber and Twitch streamer RiceGum has accused Pokimane of using his past against him, claiming that people change and learn from their mistakes.

Despite taking a long break from YouTube, RiceGum remains one of the most recognizable faces on the platform and has recently begun streaming regularly on Twitch.

With an average of 17,000 viewers and over 4,000 loyal subscribers, Rice has a passionate and dedicated fanbase. However, despite being successful on the platform, he’s got himself into some drama, and this time it involves Pokimane.

It all began after Pokimane reacted to a clip of Rice and brought up an insensitive comment he’d made in the past regarding sexual assault. This spurred Rice to respond to her, claiming five-year-old mistakes don’t portray the person someone is today.

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RiceGum dramaYouTube: RiceGum
RiceGum has over 10 million subscribers on YouTube.

RiceGum claims Pokimane is using the past against him

During his July 6 stream, RiceGum reacted to a clip of Pokimane where she claims that because he’s made insensitive statements regarding sexual assault in the past, he shouldn’t be able to comment about it now.

This spurred RiceGum to respond, arguing that mistakes from the past don’t portray someone’s character today.

He even brought up a controversial clip from Pokimane’s past, voicing she’s grown as a person since then, and so has he.

“So because I made a joke like five years ago, I can’t defend myself… there’s clips of Pokimane saying the N-word a long time ago, but she’s a changed person, she’s not the same person she was a long time ago.”

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Shortly after this clip was made, Pokimane reacted to it after finding it on the LivestreamFail subreddit.

While she maintained that people should be aware of the mistakes they’ve made in the past when they comment on sensitive issues, she agreed with Rice that people can change.

“No Rice, I’m not saying you haven’t changed… I’m saying that if you are cognizant of the mistake you’ve made in the past, maybe you shouldn’t say other people are making that mistake too”.

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For now, it looks like the situation has been diffused after both of them have responded and made their statements.

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Overall, it looked like it was more of a misunderstanding based on the short clips each of them had seen, as in the end, both agreed people can change and learn from their mistakes.