ReviewBrah gives highly-anticipated review of BTS McDonald’s meal

James Busby

McDonald’s has just launched its new specialty meal, the BTS Meal, and K-pop fans from around the world are hungry for ReviewBrah’s verdict. 

BTS are one the most popular boy bands in the entire world, with their success and fandom continuing to break new records each year. From numerous merchandise deals to appearing in various film and TV shows, there’s no denying how impactful the Bangtan Boys have been to the South Korean pop industry. While BTS are currently celebrating the band’s release of their latest song, many fans will be wanting to get their hands on McDonald’s exclusive BTS Meal

Nothing oozes success quite like having your own specialty meal named after you, but is the BTS Meal worth all the fuss? Well, fast food lover and reviewer ReviewBrah has given his verdict on the band’s McDonald’s venture. Obviously, BTS fans will be eager to see what all the fuss is about, so find out whether this promotional meal is worth it. 

McDonald's BTS Meal locations
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A look at every location promoting The BTS Meal at McDonald’s.

Having rushed to get his hands on the BTS Meal, ReviewBrah finally delved into the delicious contents. This is the third addition to McDonald’s celebrity meals, with the previous one being that of the Travis Scott Quarter Pounder with Bacon Burger. The BTS meal is arguably one of the most simple celebrity meals to date. 

It includes 10 Piece Chicken McNuggets, cajun and sweet chili sauces, medium fries, and a drink. The biggest selling point of this meal is the new Cajun and Sweet Chili Sauces, which ReviewBrah seemed to enjoy. “What do I think of the sweet chili sauce? It is spicy,” said the YouTube food critic. 

“The sweetness is the first thing that you taste, and as it first hits the tongue, you’re going to notice this sweetness…then you notice this spice and I would say most recognizably is the chili pepper, which leaves a spicy aftertaste. In fact, ReviewBrah noted that the spicy aftertaste still lingered long after he’d finished his first McNugget. 

“It’s not hot to the point that I’m guzzling down the Coca-Cola, but for those of you who might be a little more sensitive to heat, definitely have a beverage nearby. It’s going to be your friend. I like it though.” 

ReviewBrah then went onto trying the new cajun sauce, which he found less spicy than the sweet chili. “It’s nowhere near as hot…It has a little bit of tang to it, it’s definitely a more basic mustard – in terms of its prevailing flavors. Both of these sauces blend very nicely together with the nuggets. However, my favorite of those would be the sweet chili.”

The YouTuber was pleased with his purchase and was clear to highlight that people can expect to get a good amount of food for the $8 price tag. “Overall, just a nice meal and some decent sauces. I have to compliment [McDonald’s], regardless of your thoughts on BTS, I do like they have new sauces… It’s nice to see these on the menu here.”

So, there you have it, the junk food critic himself has spoken. It seems the BTS Meal has gotten a glowing review from ReviewBrah.