QTCinderella reveals she was bullied before blowing up on Twitch

QTCinderella with flowers Instagram postInstagram: QTCinderella

Twitch star and Streamer Awards organizer QTCinderella opened up on her life before rising to internet fame, claiming she was “super bullied” in school.

QTCinderella broke records with the Streamer Awards this past March.

Bringing together some of the biggest and brightest stars on the platform, QT’s event peaked at a whopping 380,000 concurrent viewers and even broke into the top five trends on Twitter.

The mind behind the streamer-organized, streamer-centric award show made huge waves in the space and already has plans on improving next year’s event… but a look back from the shining mountaintop of success shows a difficult past for the content creator.

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QTCinderella and Maya Higa hosting the Streamer Awards.Twitch: QTCinderella
The Streamer Awards were hosted by the hilarious duo of QTCinderella and Maya Higa.

QTCinderella says she was “super bullied” in high school

In an April 12 interview with InvenGlobal, a month after The Streamer Awards took over social media, QT reflected on her childhood before discovering Twitch.

According to the streamer, she was the target of extreme bullying in high school before finding her niche on Twitch with other individuals who also felt cast out.

QTCinderella reveals why she created the streamer awardsYouTube: QTCinderella
QTCinderella says she has plans to improve the next Streamer Awards after privating her Twitter account last month due to “negativity” over the event.

“I was super bullied in high school,” she admitted. “I didn’t necessarily fit in. And so, the cool thing about the streaming industry is it’s a bunch of people that didn’t fit in.”

“A lot of streamers have the same background as me. And so I’m on my island of misfit toys, but now I am the one with the ability to want to bring people together.”

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QT’s difficult past has informed her goals for the future, as she said in the interview she ultimately wants “to help people that feel alone” through her work on Twitch.

QTCinderella says her mission is to help others who feel alone.Twitch: QTCinderella
QTCinderella says her mission is to help others who feel alone.

This latest interview comes after Cinderella opened up on her reason for starting the Streamer Awards in the first place, where she claimed that it was “a fun way to get 250 streamers in one room and recognize people who have never been recognized.”

It looks like QT’s mission became a smashing success — one that fans hope she organizes again in the future.