Valkyrae admits she regrets RFLCT drama: “I wish I could change everything”

valkyrae-regret-rflct-dramaYouTube: Valkyrae

Rachell ‘Valkyrae’ Hofstetter admitted she regrets ever launching the now-defunct RFLCT skincare line, claiming she wishes she could “go back and change everything” if it were possible.

Things were on the up and up for Rae in 2o21, especially after becoming a co-owner of the prestigious 100 Thieves organization. But it quickly took a turn for the worse after she launched the controversial RFLCT skincare line.

Not only was the brand terminated after evidence suggested it was based on pseudoscience, but the resulting backlash took a toll on her mental health. She’s since opened up about it once more and admitted she regrets doing it.

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Valkyrae-therapy-following-RFLCT-720x403YouTube: Valkyrae, RFLCT
Valkyrae’s RFLCT launch in fall 2021 was met with backlash, causing the YouTuber to eventually shut down the brand.

First, Rae admitted her friends played a huge role in helping her move on.  “My friends are such a blessing,” she said. “I have been helped mentally through the s**t I’ve been through. My friends have helped me get through it.

Then, she explained how. “Sometimes friends give you a perspective that you just can’t see, and sometimes you know that you understand and but you’re still just stuck in your habits and stuck in your way.”

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She also revealed the extent of the toll the incident took on her and admitted she regretted it. “It took me longer [to move on] than I was hoping, honestly. I wish I could go back and change everything, you know?”

After the backlash started piling up on her in November 2021, Rae admitted she was in a “terrible place” in terms of mental health and started seeing a therapist to help her get through it, and it appeared to work wonders on the surface.

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Six months on, she’s back on track and doing a lot better — thanks to the help of her friends, too. It’s evident in her streams, where she’s back to her bright and bubbly self. Still, she wishes the ordeal never happened.

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