QTCinderella explains why she “hated” Disneyland job before she was a streamer

Emma Hill
QTCinderella talking to TMG Studios on YouTubeYouTube: TMG Studios

Twitch star QTCinderella revealed why she eventually quit her job working as a Princess at Disneyland before she became a streamer.

QTCinderella has become one of Twitch’s most recognizable names since 2021 thanks to her various creative and original streaming events, such as her Sweet Showdown, the hugely successful Streamer Awards, and Shitcamp.

Before her Twitch stardom, QTCinderella worked various jobs before hitting it big as a streamer including as a pastry chef, hence her incredible baking skills.

However, her previous job playing Cinderella, which would later influence her streamer name, at Disneyland proved to be little more trialling, especially when she had to deal with creepy male visitors.

QTCinderella explains why she quit Disneyland job

Speaking with the TMG Studios podcast, QTCinderella described her experience working as Disney princess or “face character” at Disneyland. Although, it would seem like a dream come true, she claimed there were some very inappropriate visitors.

“It’s actually not the kids. The worst part is the dads,” she claimed. “As a Princess, if a Dad grabs your a** […] you can’t be like ‘stop’ because Cinderella would not say ‘stop.'”

Instead, if she was in a situation where she didn’t feel comfortable, she would have to give a “codeword” to a Disney coworker helping her with the meet and greets who would bring the meeting to an end. However, she was not allowed to speak up herself as it would “break the illusion.”

(Topic begins in video at 46:10)

She also described how it could be a fairly “toxic” role given how she and her fellow cast members had to stay a “certain size” in order to fit into their costumes.

In the end, she decided to quit. As a life-long Disney fan, she was worried the experience “was taking the magic away” as she started to “hate the place.” However, she emphasized how things have got “so much better” at the park since she left the role.

QT has continued to indulge in her love for Disney since the experience. Although, with her huge streaming success, she certainly won’t need to be return to work at the famous theme park any time soon.