Police called on TikTok parents for wrapping baby in saran wrap

Filip Krawanski

A couple went viral on TikTok for all the wrong reasons after they wrapped their toddler son in saran wrap and repeatedly toppled him, causing him to fall on the bed. The backlash from this led to an alleged intervention from the Police and child protective services.

Content creator Savannah Glembin (@savannahglembin) shared a video on TikTok in which Savannah and her husband wrapped their toddler in saran wrap from his neck to his knees.

The video has since been deleted after a wave of backlash concerning putting the child in potential danger with such an act.

Some of the original video footage can be seen in @Auntkaren0‘s video response where she says “this feels like abuse.”

In the clip, Savannah’s husband can be seen tipping over their son who seems to be in distress. This allegedly resulted in Police and child protective services getting involved as reported by Savannah herself in a follow-up TikTok.


Policed called over possibly dangerous TikTok

Soon after deleting her TikTok Savannah uploaded a new video where she explained that her son, Gunner, has been taken away by CPS until they evaluate if the child is safe within the household.


Day after that Savannah actually uploaded another TikTok with the caption “home where he belongs” showing that Gunner is back in the household, presumably after CPS cleared the family of any wrongdoing.

Savannah’s video explaining the situation was met with further backlash, as many commenters accused her of lying about Gunner smiling and having fun in the saran wrap video.

“That child was red in the face. How can both adults be so ruthless? That plastic was so tight around him,” said one.

“I’m confused because you say he was smiling and happy but he looks like he’s been crying and is exhausted?” another added.

With child protective services clearing Savannah and her husband of any wrongdoing, the situation seems to be resolved, but we will be sure to update the story as it unfolds. In the meantime check out our TikTok category for more trending stories and updates.