Pokimane shocked after store worker fumbles her last name in the worst way

Pokimane AI streamersTwitch: pokimane

Twitch star Pokimane shared a hilarious story with her viewers about the time a store clerk fumbled her last name in the worst way possible, making for an awkward interaction.

Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys is one of the most-followed streamers on Twitch, on top of being the site’s most-followed female broadcaster, overall.

As such, she’s had quite a few eventful interactions with fans — some of which ended in awkward moments, like the time a viewer asked her out at TwitchCon 2019.

However, one of the most awkward moments in her career as a top-tier streamer didn’t happen at a convention or in a video game voice chat with a random teammate. Instead, it took place in a store when she was checking out at the front counter.

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Pokimane is one of the most popular female streamers on Twitch.

To preface, it’s important to know how Pokimane’s name is pronounced. Her first name, Imane, is pronounced like the end of the word ‘Pokemon,’ hence her Twitch handle.

Her last name, Anys, is pronounced like ‘Ah-Nis’ — but a sales associate at the store she was shopping in had a totally different idea of how it sounded.

Pokimane mortified after store clerk pronounces her name horribly wrong

According to Pokimane, the clerk asked for her last name in order to complete her purchase. After spelling it out for him, the clerk apparently looked at her with a deadpan expression and said something totally out of left field.

“He looks me dead in the eye and he goes, ‘Anus,'” the streamer said. “And when I tell you my jaw dropped. I was in shock. It was like he didn’t even try to pronounce it properly or decently whatsoever.”

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“Also, he had the most blank look on his face. ‘Anus.’ Like, he was telling me that that’s my last name. …I can’t even! Also, because it’s a private part of your body. You never hear that word out loud. I don’t think it was a joke. I really don’t!”

“I turned to him [and went], ‘Ha ha, Anys.’ He’s not laughing. He just looks down and types.”

While this might be one of the most awkward moments the streamer has experienced thus far, she was able to take the situation in stride — although she’s not totally convinced she wasn’t being pranked.

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