Pokimane shares big health update after condition interrupts streaming schedule

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Twitch star Pokimane has given fans another update on her chronic health condition, claiming that her tinnitus has thrown an unexpected wrench in her current streaming schedule.

Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys is one of the most popular streamers on Twitch, and one of the platform’s most-followed female broadcasters, overall.

However, she has stepped away from being a full-time streamer to focus on other aspects of her life, such as traveling, health and wellness, and making other content like vlogs and TikToks.

It was during her initial break from streaming when she revealed to fans that she suffers from tinnitus, a condition that affects hearing. Generally, tinnitus causes a ‘ringing’ sound in the ears and can have adverse effects on those who suffer from it, including anxiety, depression, and sleep issues.

Pokimane updates fans as tinnitus causes rift in streaming schedule

Although Poki has been busy traveling and celebrating her birthday, she had plans to stream on Thursday and Friday, May 25 & 26, respectively — but unfortunately, her tinnitus threw a wrench into these plans.

On Friday, Imane updated fans about her streaming schedule, saying that her hearing condition prevented her from going forward with a broadcast.

She also gave encouragement to any fans who are also dealing with chronic health issues, urging them to take care of themselves first.

“Sorry, I wanted to stream today but my tinnitus is acting the f*ck up,” she wrote in a tweet. “Gotta go figure out why. For anyone dealing with a chronic condition, I feel you and encourage you to take care of yourself first, no matter how much it sucks to miss out on other things.”

This latest health update from Poki follows her initial explanation of her diagnosis in Fall 2022. At first, the streamer said she began experiencing ringing in her ears, which doctors thought might have been an infection.

After medication failed to work and even “made life a living hell” for the streamer, she went to a TMJ specialist, who gave her some “fake teeth” to help realign her bite and speculated that the ringing in her ears may have been from inflammation on the right side of her jaw.

Based on Poki’s most recent update, though, it looks like she’s dealing with tinnitus. Fans and fellow creators are showing her an outpouring of support as she works with health care professionals to seek treatment.

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