Pokimane roasts herself after revealing gym progress

Pokimane with wry smileTwitch: Pokimane

Twitch star Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys has been on that self-improvement grind: going to the gym, eating healthy, and reconciling her relationship with streaming. However she’s not above poking fun at herself, roasting her gym progress and newfound “bread rolls”.

Pokimane took a break from Twitch in July 2022 for a “mental reset” as she refocused her life both online and offline.

Taking a proper break from streaming allowed her to start that self-improvement grind of eating healthy, going to the gym, and getting her mental health into a good spot. However, through the journey, there’s always going to be ups and downs.

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In one particular instance, the star has found new tone in her muscles and is getting some nice definition as a result of working out. Being in the between phase, though, has her poking fun at specific things.

She isn’t above roasting herself, comparing her abs to “bread rolls” on stream: “I’m in that in-between phase where there’s muscle underneath, but I should lose more fat on top to show more definition. You want to know what that results in,” she says while flaunting her progress.

“There are abs there, but there’s some chubbiness on top of the abs, so they look like bread rolls!”

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The star was expecting a response from chat ⁠— just not the one she got. Instead of being supportive of her progress and journey, they just devolved into laughter, which then had the streamer in stitches too.

“You guys are laughing too hard! Stop it! It was meant to be a ‘haha you look good’ kind of thing, not actually laughing at me! What the f**k!”

It’s only a small thing, but Pokimane is still continuing that grind to flatten out those bread rolls and get healthier. The journey is a success so far, but there’s still plenty to go.

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