Pokimane recounts her worst fan interaction, getting spat on in a club

Pokimane spat on headerYouTube: Jeru TV

Pokimane has had her fair share of fan encounters, but she has revealed one of her worst interactions — being spat on constantly at a club while trying to enjoy some time off with her friends.

Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys is one of the biggest female streamers in the world. And while she has drastically changed up her usual content creation — even stepping away from Twitch for a “mental reset” — Pokimane still remains in the public eye in some capacity.

In a recent stream with her long time friend Kevin, Pokimane reflected on one of the most “uncomfortable” fan encounters she has ever had. 

I was at the club and I was explaining how the lights were on the stage and the tables were also on the stage so there’s lights showcasing the people who paid thousands of dollars for a table,” she began.

“So it was kind of uncomfortable in that regard and then this guy comes up to me and he starts talking all up in my face. Like very close to me, spitting on me.” 

When hearing this part of the story, Kevin was quick to pull a face and show his clear discomfort at the situation Pokimane had found herself in. She echoed his concerns, going on to discuss how she was “so uncomfortable.”

“This guy was talking to me. He was yelling hey it’s so cool to see you here but he’s like spitting in my face as he’s saying that. And I knew he recognized me immediately and I’m like why are you coming up to me at a table at the club with my friends? This is not the time to take pics together and stuff.”

And while the fan did leave after this conversation, Pokimane revealed he did come back 10 minutes later, despite being told multiple times that it was “not the time” to be asking for photos.

This pestering eventually led to Pokimane leaving the club earlier than she had initially: “I went home because I was uncomfortable.”

Despite this negative experience, Pokimane did add after she discussing when she was spat on it is one of the few times she has been in this position. More often than not, she is happy to meet with fans, and they treat her with respect.

“I think that’s actually the only time that I’ve ever been put off by having someone come up to me. Literally almost any situation I don’t mind at all but with my girlies at the club.”

Before moving on to another topic however, she did make light of the situation, joking that she “had enough water to live for the rest of [her] life just via the spit he was propelling.”