xQc wants to recreate hit TV show Survivor with Twitch stars after Shitcamp success - Dexerto

xQc wants to recreate hit TV show Survivor with Twitch stars after Shitcamp success

Published: 3/Oct/2021 6:17

by Alex Tsiaoussidis


Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel has opened up about a crazy idea he’s got in mind for Shitcamp 2022: A streamer version of Survivor that pits your favorite streamers against each other as they attempt to survive on an island.

xQc was the star of the show in Shitcamp 2021. He did everything from showing off his sniper skills to dressing in drag, and made peace with Myth.

He had such a good time with the crew, he’s even thinking about moving back to L.A.

He also teased future collaborations with other content creators in the upcoming months, claiming it’s going to “f**king pop off.” If that wasn’t exciting enough, he also revealed a crazy idea he has in mind for Shitcamp 2022 — a survivor island filled with streamers.


xQc reveals crazy Twitch streamer survivor island idea for Shitcamp 2022
Twitter: Ludwig
xQc was one of many streamers involved in Shitcamp 2021.

“I have a good idea, but if I say it, it’s going to get yoinked,” he said.

That didn’t stop him from saying it anyway: “It’s like Survivor’s Island, streamer edition. It will have games like a survivor show while they have challenges.”

He didn’t want to reveal too much. However, he mentioned some examples, including carrying cups of water without spilling them, solving puzzles, long-distance running, building a house before nightfall with “primitive technology,” and more.

Shitcamp is all about bringing streamers together to take part in challenges and games. However, xQc’s survival island idea will take it to the next level.


This iteration of the event only just finished. However, there’s a third event named ShitSummit planned for for sometime over the winter, so it could be debuted then.