Pokimane has perfect response after Twitch donor calls her “chubby”

Pokimane streaming with headset onTwitch: pokimane

Twitch giant Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys shared the perfect response on stream to one trolling viewer, who made a donation simply to mock her appearance.  

Few Twitch streamers have reached the levels of popularity of Pokimane, who, at the time of writing, sits sixth on the list of most-followed accounts worldwide, and the number one most followed female streamer.

Of course, such popularity is bound to come with a level of trolling and negativity, which Pokimane knows all too well – even taking a break earlier this year to get away from it all and protect her mental health.

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Her impressive ability to shrug off trolling comments was demonstrated again on October 24, when she flipped a viewer’s spiteful comment on its head.

Pokimane Influencer TwitchHyperX Gaming
Pokimane’s status as the most followed female streamer in the world makes her an inspiration to many younger viewers.

A normal stream was interrupted by one viewer who, alongside a $2 donation, said: “Not to be mean you look kind of chubby.”

In reply, Imane began to poke her cheeks, before saying: “Damn, this is my life. Sitting here having people pay to call me chubby. I can’t tell if that’s a good thing. Does that say more about me or about you?”

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Some of viewers also highlighted the bizarre comment, which sought to insult Pokimane while also giving her money.

She finished: “I’ve never paid to tell anybody anything. Are you just into that sort of thing? You can tell me, we keep secrets here. I won’t tell no one. I don’t king-shame[!]” – her biting sarcasm brilliantly pointing out the stupidity of the comment and donation.

It’s not the first time Pokimane has been on the receiving end of some unwarranted behavior. On October 15, she hit out at viewers who deliberately clip suggestive moments and take them out of the context to portray her in a negative (and often sexual) way.

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It’s a shame that Poki has to go through moments like these, but she managed to shrug it off with her usual conviction.

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