Pokimane fires back after haters criticize her parents’ retirement fund announcement

Eleni Thomas
Pokimane Corinna Kopf fightInstagram: Pokimane

Pokimane has hit back against those who attacked her online after she posted a tweet about how she has now paid for her parent’s retirement fund.

The popular content creator faced attacks and rude comments online in response to a tweet she posted detailing how she has now paid off her parents’ retirement fund and plan. In the initial post, Pokimane wrote how grateful she is to be able to give back to her parents. 

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“As an immigrant, I’ve always felt indebted to them,” began Pokimane. “Now, nothing makes me happier than repaying them for their sacrifices.”

However, the comments section of the tweet is filled with negative responses, some simply replying with comments like “no one cares” or others accusing her of only making the post so as a way to get clout for being a “good person.”

Shortly after this barrage of comments, Pokimane issued another series of tweets in response to the reception of her comments. Beginning the thread by calling out the “ignorant” replies, adding that she will now be doing “a lil educating” in response to the negativity.

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“I was born in Morocco, a third-world country, and my amazing parents immigrated to Canada when I was four,” writes Pokimane. “I grew up being painfully aware of how much they missed their parents, siblings, friends, back in Morocco…but, they were always so happy that their sacrifices allowed my brother and I to get a great education & pursue whatever we wanted.”

She then adds, “if I didn’t grow up in Canada, I wouldn’t have had the same access to internet, peripherals, etc, that allowed me to become the [content creator] I am today.”

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