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Poker caster hilariously tricks 1000 viewers into closing the stream

Published: 16/Jan/2019 12:54 Updated: 16/Jan/2019 13:11

by Matt Porter


Poker commentator Joe Stapleton pulled off an incredible prank on 1000 viewers during a tournament on January 15.

Stapleton is currently casting at the Pokerstars Caribbean Adventure tournament, and managed to trick users during the fourth day of the competition.


The prank is a well known one amongst experienced internet users, but the commentator managed to deceive a large number of those watching the event to close their browser.

While casting over a match featuring player Brian Altman, Stapleton told viewers that if they were a fan of the American, they should show their support “by using the special Brian Altman emote on Twitch” by pressing the Alt and F4 keys on their keyboard.


When the Alt and F4 keys are pressed together, it actually closes the window, with the stream immediately dropping by 1000 viewers. Stapleton couldn’t believe how many fell for it, laughing and saying “That can’t be true, we’ll never get them back!”


While many would apologise and try not cost their stream any more viewers, Stapleton took a different approach, attempting to bait those watching into doing it again.


“Earlier, I told everybody in Twitch chat that if they want to use the special Brian Altman emote they need to press Alt and F4, and we lost 1000 viewers. Guys, the emote offends a lot of people, it’s really gnarly – so don’t hit Alt and F4 for the emote.”


The Pokerstars Caribbean Adventure tournament is heading into its final day, with a $10,300 main event scheduled for the last broadcast.