Pokemon fan slammed for selling brother’s rare cards and keeping the money

Jessica Filby
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One man has been slammed on Reddit for sharing how he sold his brother’s rare Pokemon cards without his knowledge and kept the money for himself.

A recent addition to the Am I The Asshole subreddit has told the tale of a Pokemon fan who found his brother’s collection of Pokemon cards while helping him move. He then goes on to capitalize on his finding and infuriates both his brother and the commenters of the post in question.

He explains that he stumbles across some “recognizably rare cards in pretty good condition” while helping his brother pack. Then he ends up getting them appraised. After finding out they were worth a lot, he ended up privately selling these cards and keeping the money for himself. Soon after, his brother found out about the sale and was “infuriated” at his actions and is now refusing to acknowledge him.

Pokemon cards sprawled out
He took the cards, sold them, and kept the money without telling his brother.

After putting the post on the subreddit, the majority of commenters confirmed he is both the asshole and a thief. One commenter, @VerySurlyPerson, explained that “the best case scenario is that you took an item that belonged to you and your brother jointly and sold it without talking to him”. Referring to the author’s comment that the brothers used to collect the cards together.

Others took to a more legal standpoint, with @RatioNo1114 presenting the notion that “what you’re doing is theft”. Especially since it was taken out of the brother’s room, valued, and sold without the owner’s knowledge. The poster does say he wanted to split the profits but his brother refuses to “acknowledge [his] presence”.

The majority of the reception from the post highlights that the poster was indeed an asshole and should never have sold another person’s property without their consent, especially rare and expensive Pokemon cards that often increase in value.

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